JA New York

Oct 29-31, 2017 Javits Convention Center · NYC

Why Exhibit

Be a part of the community! JA New York is the only event in the epicenter of the industry.  As a JA New York exhibitor, you will gain direct, cost-effective access to the most actively engaged community of jewelry professionals in the world!

We’re committed to delivering over 5,500 of the best jewelry buyers to the show and launched a VIP Hosted Buyer Program in order to attract some of the most recognizable brick and mortar jewelry stores, department stores and non-traditional retailers.

Here’s why you won’t want to miss an opportunity like this –

·         Easy to navigate and not overwhelming! Buyers won't get lost

·         50% of U.S. jewelry retailers are within driving distance

·         68% of our attendees shop this show exclusively

·         70% of our attendees have active buying roles

·         49 countries represented

JA New York is, above all, an order-writing show. 42% of attendees have annual sales of more than $1 million, and the majority serve clientele from regions with the highest per capita income in the US. These retailers come to JA New York immediate purchasing intent, ready to compare products, find new suppliers, open new accounts, and get down to business.

 Our aggressive and comprehensive marketing strives to reach more buyers through new and traditional media. Our campaign on behalf of the show includes:

  • 1 million+ emails reaching targeted markets and retail segments
  • 250,000 direct mail impressions touching buyers across the country
  • 40,000 phone calls extending special invitations to key buyers
  • 35 full page ads running in major industry publications